What are the Signs and Symptoms of Oral Thrush

Posted on 4/10/2023 by office
What are the Signs and Symptoms of Oral ThrushAll medical conditions and health hazards manifest or present themselves in certain signs and symptoms. Oral thrush affects the mouth and grows in the back of your throat, and in other parts of the body. Even though Oral Thrush can affect everyone, infants, adults of 65 years and above, and people whose immune system is weakened, stand the highest risk.

Causes of Oral Thrush

Also known as candidiasis, Oral thrush is caused by candida fungus. Candidiasis occurs when the fungus balance is disturbed owing to many factors including certain medical conditions like HIV and cancer. Medications by certain antibiotics can also cause a rise in fungus growth beyond control. Let's shine on some of the noticeable signs and symptoms to look out for.

General Signs and Symptoms

If you notice slightly raised white spots on your gums, inner cheeks, tongue, the roof of your mouth, the back of your throat, and tonsils you might be suffering from Oral thrush. Other thrush signs include taste loss, difficulty in swallowing, cracked mouth at mouth corners or angular cheilitis, an unpleasant taste in your mouth, and a cottony feeling.

Oral thrush may sometimes cause irritation, redness, denture stomatitis, and a band of gum inflammation also known as linear gingival erythema. In severe cases, oral thrush affects or spreads to the oesophagus. The candida fungus can spread and affect the other parts of the body like the skin, liver, and lungs. These symptoms are often prevalent in people with medical conditions like HIV, cancer, and other immune system-weakening conditions.

Signs and Symptoms on Lactating Mothers

Thrush-infected infants can pass it to their mothers. This can affect the mother's breast causing sensitive, red, itchy, and cracked nipples. The skin on the areola will turn shiny and flaky. Further, the mother will experience cutting or stabbing pains and painful nipples when nursing or breastfeeding.
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