The Role Of Genetics In Dental Health

Posted on 7/10/2023 by office
The Role Of Genetics In Dental HealthGenetics play a large role when determining a person's oral health. Yes, other factors such as diet and oral hygiene influence the development of teeth and gums, but genetics is the first thing to check. Let the dentist learn more about your family and oral health. Continue reading to know the role of genetics in dental health:

Saliva Composition

The purpose of the saliva in your mouth is to neutralize acids and wash away bacteria. Genetics can influence the composition of saliva in your mouth. You can easily get gum diseases and tooth decay without saliva in your mouth.

Tell the dentist about the decrease of saliva in your mouth. Also, get advice on how to increase saliva in your mouth naturally—for example, chewing sugar-free gum and drinking water regularly.

Enamel Strength

The part covering your teeth is the enamel. It protects the teeth from decay and erosion. Genetics can influence the enamel's strength and thickness, leading to recurring dental caries and sensitivity.

You need to consult the dentist if you notice you have weak enamel. The dentist will advise on what to take to ensure you strengthen it and how to care for the teeth.

Tooth Development

Taking your child to the dentist early, they will detect whether the child has proper teeth. Genetics can affect the size, shape, and structure of the teeth. This can lead to other dental issues like overcrowding and misalignment.

The dentist should be aware of the problems you have in your family for them to find a solution. Early treatment can help prevent severe problems in the future. Also, if you have misaligned teeth, the dentist will advise on braces to get them in line. Call our dentist to get all the information about the role of genetics in dental health.

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