Reasons To Consider Temporary Dental Filling

Posted on 9/25/2023 by office
Reasons To Consider Temporary Dental FillingTemporary dental fillings are essential in dental care by providing immediate relief and protecting teeth in certain situations. While they should not last long, temporary fillings offer several benefits in dental scenarios. Ensure you visit the dentist immediately if you need a temporary dental filling. Below is more information on the reasons to consider temporary dental filling:

Emergency Pain Management

Temporary dental fillings are temporary to alleviate pain and discomfort in emergencies. Intense pain can result from exposing the delicate inner layers of a tooth that are damaged significantly or have a large cavity in them.

The dentist places a temporary filling quickly to cover the exposed area, providing temporary relief until a debtor can perform a permanent solution. This can be particularly helpful for individuals experiencing acute dental pain and needing immediate attention.

Nerve Sensitivity

Occasionally, dental procedures or conditions can result in heightened tooth sensitivity. Factors such as exposed dentin, enamel erosion, or gum recession can cause sensitivity.

A temporary filling covers the sensitive area and provides a barrier between the tooth and external stimuli, reducing discomfort and allowing the tooth to heal. It allows the dentist enough time to identify the root of the sensitivity and choose the best long-term remedy.

After A Root Canal Preparation

After performing a root canal, the dentist applies a temporary filling. They also remove tooth's diseased or damaged pulp during root canal therapy.

For the duration of the final restoration, the temporary infill aids in sealing the entry point. This temporary filling protects the tooth from contamination and prevents bacteria from entering the root canal system. It also maintains the integrity of the tooth structure while waiting for permanent restoration, such as a dental crown. Ensure you come to our office and learn why to consider temporary dental filling.
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