Times Where a Laser May Be the Best Way to Improve Your Oral Health

Posted on 3/30/2020 by office
Woman talking to her dentist about laser dentistry at Perrinville Family Dentistry in Edmonds, WALasers are the newest kid on the block when it comes to modern dentistry, and they have been for a while. Most dental offices are adapting to this new model of therapy or are in the process of considering it.

Introduction of laser therapy into dental offices has brought about fundamental improvements in outcome as well as treatment options available to the public. Lasers use high intensity light energy to do a wide variety of tasks ranging from treatment, all the way to prevention. If you've been reading on laser therapy, you have probably considered asking us to guide you through the indications of laser therapy.

Instances of Laser Use

When your healing from simple procedures takes longer than expected, our dentists may suggest using laser therapy to amplify the healing process. More often than not, healing times are considerably faster with laser therapy than the traditional “watch and see” approach.

Persistent periodontal disease is another area for laser use. In conditions where the biofilm is broken and gum disease persists, even after intervention, you may need to consult on laser therapy. The targeted approach of treatment works to manage infection at the site of origin, preventing further spread.

Regular Dental Cleaning

Lasers are soon becoming a mainstay of dental hygienists all over the U.S. The superior ability of lasers to find and prevent the seeding of bacteria makes them such important tools during cleaning. You may request a trial with laser cleaning to see the far superior benefits of lasers, as compared to traditional cleaning options available.

Lasers are also ideal for teeth whitening. This is a relatively newer use of lasers, but ultimately, lasers work just as well if not even better, than traditional methods of teeth whitening. All in all, lasers are the new thing, and here at our dental offices, we are committed to the education of our clients on the current benefits and advantages of using lasers as compared to traditional methods of dental practice. Come see us and find out if we can use lasers to help you.
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