Common Mistakes People Make When Flossing
Posted on 7/27/2020 by office
Common Mistakes People Make When Flossing Flossing your teeth might seem like the most mundane activity, but people still get it wrong from time to time. This is mainly because people don't have the correct information. They tend to make mistakes when flossing and thereby not getting as much from the practice as they should. Here are a few common mistakes people make when flossing.

Using the Same Part of Floss on All Your Teeth

The practice of flossing is mainly to remove food debris on the hard to reach areas of the teeth. Because of that, the floss picks up a lot of bacteria as it moves between teeth. Using the same section of dental floss thereby means that you are spreading bacteria, which might transfer infection from an unhealthy part of the teeth to a healthy one. It's always good practice to spread out the floss when working through the teeth.

Stopping When You See a Little Blood

Many people stop flossing when they see their floss get bloody pink. They worry that the flossing is damaging their gums. However, seeing a little blood now and again is a normal reaction of the thin floss rubbing up against the gum's soft tissue. However, if the bleeding is severe, do not hesitate to contact us immediately or come into our office for a checkup.

Flossing Too Fast

Although flossing is a tedious activity for most people, it should be done diligently and meticulously or else you won't get the desired results. Take your time when flossing. That way, you make sure that you've gotten to those tough-to-reach areas of your mouth and also that you deal with the plaque and food particles properly. Additionally, flossing too fast can be the cause of your flossing-related injuries on the gums. By following these practices, you will floss more efficiently and ensure that you get all the benefits that come with the practice. If you need to speak more to a professional about flossing in general or other best practices, please give our office a call!
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