Reasons Your Mouth May Burn After Eating a Meal

Posted on 6/7/2021 by office
Reasons Your Mouth May Burn After Eating a MealDoes your mouth burn after eating? If so, the burning sensation can happen for one of various reasons. Irritation, allergic reactions to foods, dry mouth, and oral thrush can all cause the mouth to burn. This burning feeling in the mouth is known as burning mouth syndrome or BMS.

Oral Irritation

The tissues inside the mouth are sensitive. If you overbrush, eat something too acidic, or consume food with a sharp edge, such as peanut brittle, the tissues can become damaged. If this occurs, your mouth can become irritated by the foods or beverages you consume. This is especially true if a food or drink is too acidic or salty.

Dry Mouth and Other Oral Conditions

If your saliva does not flow freely in the mouth, the condition you are experiencing is known as dry mouth. Dry mouth may be triggered by certain medicines, hormonal changes, or diseases. When your mouth is too dry, it may feel like it's burning. To relieve the sensation, it helps to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Some oral conditions can also cause the mouth to burn. One of these conditions is a fungal infection called oral thrush. Another condition is known as geographic tongue. Geographic tongue causes sore patches to form on the tongue that looks like mapping. It can trigger the symptoms of dry mouth as well.

Allergic Reactions to Food

You can also experience a burning sensation in the mouth if you have an allergic reaction to a specific food. If you eat a food item to which you are allergic, your body goes into attack mode and produces antibodies. This causes a mass amount of histamines to be produced, which leads to a burning sensation. Other symptoms of a food allergy may include gastrointestinal issues, respiratory difficulty, or anaphylactic shock in life-threatening situations.

Do you have burning mouth syndrome or BMS? If so, we can help you with the issue. Give us a call today to schedule a time for an exam and consultation.
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