Not Brushing Before Bed Can Lead to More Severe Dental Damage

Posted on 7/12/2021 by office
Not Brushing Before Bed Can Lead to More Severe Dental DamageHave you had a late night and just want to get to bed? This is a familiar scenario for many people, but don't postpone brushing your teeth when you feel too tired to do so. This a dangerous habit to fall into, and your mouth will suffer as a result.

You Want to Avoid Bad Bacteria from Taking Over Your Mouth

Bacteria easily grow in your mouth, especially when you skip brushing your teeth before bed. Germs and plaque harden to form tartar, and this can happen overnight. As tartar accumulates, you are on the fast track to tooth decay.

Unfortunately, tooth decay is just the beginning. Neglecting your dental care can lead to cavities and tooth decay, but it can also lead to more severe gum disease and tooth loss problems. Once harmful bacteria bores through your enamel, which is the only defense for your tooth against decay, you could get an infection inside your tooth. If this happens, you will be uncomfortable as the nerves become aggravated by the infection inside your tooth. Sadly, there is a possibility that your tooth could die if the infection penetrates the interior of your tooth.

Make Sure to Schedule Your Routine Dental Exams

It is good to brush your teeth regularly and don't skip the last brushing session of the day. It is crucial to brush your teeth before bed. We also want to stress the importance of scheduling your routine dental exams and cleanings. Even though you brush your teeth, tartar can still form in some remote places. Our experienced staff is ready to assess your mouth, clean your teeth and gums, and help you with your oral hygiene routine. Make an appointment today for better oral health tomorrow.

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