Could Biting Your Tongue Lead to an Oral Infection?

Posted on 9/6/2021 by office
Could Biting Your Tongue Lead to an Oral Infection?Ouch! All of us have had the unfortunate experience of biting our tongue. Literally, this can hurt! It is unexpected, painful, and embarrassing. As if that wasn't punishment enough, sometimes people bite their tongue so hard that it bleeds. When this happens, your mind can race out of control and wonder if biting your tongue could cause an oral infection.

What is an Oral Infection?

An oral infection is simply an infection that happens inside your mouth. The bacteria in your mouth can cause viruses, tooth decay, gum disease, and other standard mouth infections, known as oral infections. Usually, oral infections only last a few days and do not spread throughout the body.

How Biting Your Tongue Affects Your Mouth

If you bit your tongue casually while eating, you will probably have a sore tongue, but you mostly will not have a cut on your tongue. Your bitten tongue should heal quickly without any further treatment. If you were playing a contact sport and bit your tongue hard, you may have a wound that needs treatment. With a more severe chomp on your tongue, you may have swelling or bleeding. If your tongue gets extremely red or pus forms at the wound, this could be a sign of an oral infection. If you concurrently develop a fever along with these symptoms, you most likely have an oral infection.

We Can Help You with Your Dental Needs

If you bit down on your tongue, it is possible that you could develop an oral infection. Call our office right away so we can help you. If the bleeding does not stop quickly, press a cloth to the area to help stop the bleeding. Rinse your mouth out with warm salt water a couple of times a day until our office can see you. We are here to help you through any dental crisis.

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