Teeth Bonding Vs Veneers

Posted on 2/7/2022 by office
Teeth Bonding Vs VeneersVeneers are a common cosmetic dental procedure that uses custom-made coverings that are placed over the teeth. They make veneers from materials such as porcelain. Teeth bonding is a procedure that uses tooth-colored composite resin to repair any kind of damage in your teeth. 

While teeth bonding and veneers are two very different procedures, their function is to give you that perfect smile you desire. Thus, if you are thinking about which one to get, let's take an intensive look at the difference between veneers and teeth bonding; 

Natural Look

For a more natural look, even though both are designed to achieve the perfect smile, veneers will look more like normal teeth compared to bonding. This is because veneers are custom-made to resemble your teeth, thus making them look more natural. 


The teeth bonding procedure takes a short time compared to veneers. Teeth bonding is a quicker procedure since it typically takes only one visit. While veneers require multiple visits. It takes around 3 weeks to complete the procedure from the initial consultation up to the final installation. 


Veneers will last longer than teeth bonding. This is attributed to the material used in veneers, which is usually porcelain, which is strong and can last for years, in contrast to teeth bonding, which lasts a short period. Veneers are also completely stain-resistant because of the ceramic material. This adds to their durability. While in teeth bonding, staining is likely to occur after a while. Therefore, with teeth bonding, you will have to be extra cautious about your daily oral routine. 


Most people take the cost of the procedure into consideration when deciding between veneers and teeth bonding. Veneers will cost you more than teeth bonding. The cost of dental bonding for a single tooth usually starts at $250. While the cost of a veneer for one tooth typically costs around $1300 for porcelain veneers and $500 for composite veneers.

If you are still uncertain about the best procedure for you, then you will need to consult your dentist. Your dentist will not only provide further information, but they will advise you on the best option for you.
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