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Woman using clear aligners at Perrinville Family Dentistry in Edmonds, WAHere at Perrinville Family Dentistry you can find the best experts to advise you on Invisalign orthodontic treatments. Invisalign® is the most modern and cutting edge procedure, which allows you to straighten your teeth without using metal braces. Orthodontic treatments have evolved a lot over the last decade. Technology is now very advanced, and it has made it possible to design orthodontic treatments with multiple new benefits.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is an orthodontic system that uses custom made clear aligners to straighten teeth as an alternative to classical wire braces. With this system, your teeth will be moved from their initial position to a predicted and computer-assisted position, in more steps. In each different stage, you will wear a different aligner, specially designed for you. Invisalign can entail six aligners, for minimal dental abnormalities, up to forty-eight, for more complex cases. Each aligner will move the teeth distances of 0.25 - 0.33 millimeters.

They are made of an elastic thermoplastic material which applies pressure on the teeth, so they move in the desired direction of the treatment plan. Each aligner is intended to be worn for 20 hours a day for two weeks. On average, treatment with Invisalign should last approximately 13.5 months. However, the duration of the treatment will vary depending on how much the teeth need to move, and the complexity of the dental problem. The position of teeth before the treatment is very important. Initially, a mold will be created, after which the first version of the aligners will be created. Then, every two weeks, the aligners will be reworked, considering some strict specifications to achieve the desired result. Dental cleanings and dental exams are still required at the end in order to maintain your brand new smile.

Main Advantages of Invisalign

With Invisalign, a wide variety of dental problems can be treated, including teeth agglomeration, teeth spacing, crossbite, overbite, and underbite. One of the main advantages is that they are mobile, so you can easily remove them when you want. The design allows you to eat any food you want because you can remove the clear aligners during meals. Moreover, you can brush your teeth normally and continue using mouthwash.

They are more comfortable and not so visible. The health of teeth and especially of gums is preserved. This is not possible, for example, with regular braces - it can take 15-20 minutes to clean them after meals. The aligners are made of smooth plastic, so the chances of damaging or irritate your cheeks and gums are minimal.

Millions of smiles are based on Invisalign dental device. It is suitable for both adolescents and adults who want a bright and perfect smile. It also means less time spent in our dental office for different adjustments. Using the latest 3D technology, our specialists will design a personalized plan for you, starting from the initial position of your teeth to the desired final position.

Invisalign is almost invisible. It's a state-of-the-art system that solves a problem in the most modern and efficient way. For more information, call our experts here at Perrinville Family Dentistry at (425) 616-0620 today and get the most of your smile!
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Here at Perrinville Family Dentistry, you can find the best experts to advise you on Invisalign® clear aligners. Click here to learn more and give us a call today!
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