Tooth Extraction
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Woman holding her cheek due to a tooth ache in Edmonds, WAHere at Perrinville Family Dentistry, we have specialists in all the dentistry fields, including dental extraction. Our specialists know how important it is for our patients to save and repair their natural teeth, but if they believe that the tooth is damaged beyond repair, they will recommend a dental extraction. Even though this procedure is considered painful and most of our patients come to our clinic feeling anxious about it, our specialists use anesthesia and sedation options that ensure a painless procedure.

Reasons for Dental Extractions?

One of the most common causes of tooth loss is canal infection. If the tooth is decayed, the damage extends to the pulp, and the infection can’t be treated by root canal therapy, our specialist might recommend a dental extraction to prevent the spread of infection to the healthy teeth.

Dental extractions might also be performed if the patient is preparing for aligning the teeth through orthodontia. If the teeth are too big, our specialist might recommend pulling one or more teeth to make room for others for the procedure to be successful.

The periodontal disease might also cause tooth loss. If left untreated, this disease causes loosening of the tooth, and it might need to be extracted to prevent spreading the disease even further. However, with regular periodontal maintenance, our patients are not at risk of losing their teeth because of this disease.

How are Tooth Extractions Performed?

Our specialists have gone through intensive training to easily perform dental extractions. Before the surgery starts, you will receive local or general anesthesia to relax and numb the area. If you are scared of the procedure, you can always talk to our specialists about other sedation options that we have available at our clinic. We want to ensure that our patients are comfortable during any procedure, and our team always puts our patient’s safety and wellbeing first.

What Should You Discuss with Our Dentist Before the Procedure?

Before going through a dental extraction, our specialists will need to ask you a few questions. You will go through your medical history with our specialists, and we will need a complete list of any medication that you are currently taking. Some medical condition such as immune system diseases, liver diseases, and heart disease have to be mentioned to our professionals to decide if the tooth extraction is indicated for you.

Good oral hygiene and regular visits to our clinic can prevent the tooth from being damaged to the point where it has to be extracted. However, if the procedure can’t be avoided, then our team of specialists is ready to act.

Even though the procedure is believed to be painful, nowadays it is not the case anymore. We discuss with our patients before the procedure and make sure that we provide the right anesthesia and sedation options to prevent an uncomfortable and painful surgery. For more information about tooth extraction and how to prevent it, call the experienced professionals here at Perrinville Family Dentistry at (425) 616-0620 today!

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