Veneers vs Dental Crowns
Edmonds, WA

Image of a dental professional discussing veneers vs dental crowns, at Perrinville Family Dentistry in Edmonds, WA. Often, people need dental restoration after poor dental hygiene or accidents. In such instances, they either require dental crowns or veneers. The state of your teeth and your restoration goals will determine whether you need veneers or a dental crown.

Some common reasons for dental restoration include:
•  Discolored teeth
•  Chipped or broken teeth
•  Weak or decayed teeth
•  Crooked teeth

At Perrinville Family Dentistry, Gary J. Jacky, DMD will assess your condition and discuss your preference before starting your treatment. Except for all-metal crowns, porcelain veneers and crowns can be made to match the color of your natural teeth.

What Are Veneers?

A veneer is a thin shell made of porcelain or another material that covers the front of a tooth and is attached to the enamel. A veneer will only protect the front side of the tooth. More of your natural tooth structure is preserved during preparation, making them less intrusive than crowns. When preparing a tooth for a veneer, the enamel is reduced in thickness by around half a millimeter. Some modern veneers require less grinding than regular ones. The grinding action can be uncomfortable; thus, a topical anesthetic is sometimes applied in advance. You need a substantial amount of enamel on your tooth for the veneer to attach effectively.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A crown will cover your entire tooth and is usually around 2mm thick. It can be made of pure porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or a metal alloy. The tooth is completely encased in a dental crown. For a crown to be placed, most of the damaged tooth is reduced in size. Gary J. Jacky, DMD will prep the tooth by removing any decay before constructing the crown. The tooth may require strengthening before a crown can be placed on it. If you have a broken tooth, you could require restoration as well. For this treatment, you may request a local anesthetic.

Placing Dental Crowns

Gary J. Jacky, DMD will either digitally scan your teeth or use a mold to create an impression. They may cap your ground-down tooth with a temporary crown so that you can continue to chew normally while they create your permanent crown. The temporary crown is taken off when the permanent one is ready. The permanent crown will then be cemented onto your tooth and adjusted for fit and bite. Crowned teeth have a greater chance of shifting, which might alter your bite. The crown may need to be modified if this occurs.

Benefits of Ceramic Crowns

Dental ceramic crowns are your best bet for protecting weakened tooth structures after extensive dental work like root canal therapy, large fillings, or a tooth fracture.

What Are Same-day Crowns?

A same-day crown is a dental restoration that takes only one appointment from start to finish. Gary J. Jacky, DMD at Perrinville Family Dentistry can make a crown for your teeth in only a few minutes using CAD technology.

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If you are still deciding whether or not to get veneers or dental crowns, we invite you to call our office at (425) 616-0620. With the assistance of Gary J. Jacky, DMD and at Perrinville Family Dentistry, you can select the most appropriate restorative treatment.
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