Dental Fillings
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Here at Perrinville Family Dentistry we conduct dental filling procedures that leave the teeth strong and functioning properly. A filling is a method of restoring a damaged tooth so that it can resume its normal functions. Fillings restore the normal shape or a tooth and improve tooth aesthetics. Fillings, in most cases, are used on teeth that are damaged by decay. A decayed tooth, whose root is still strong can be easily repaired using fillings.

Types of Filling Materials

During a filling procedure, Gary J. Jacky, DMD fills the cavity left after either a root scaling or root canal procedure with a filling material. There are various types of filling materials that can be used. The most appropriate one for you depends on the extent of repair, the cost, and whether you have allergies. The materials that can be used include:

Gold – Gold is well tolerated by the gums, and it bonds perfectly with the teeth. Gold fillings will last for up to two decades. You will have to come to our office a couple of times for the gold fillings procedure. Gold fillings are also more expensive than other types. Ultimately, their durability makes them the best option.

Porcelain – Porcelain is yet another high-quality material that we use for fillings. Porcelain is used when you need the fillings to have a similar color to that of your teeth. Porcelain fillings are almost as costly as gold ones. They are also very durable, and they can resist staining so you will not have to worry about stained teeth. You must maintain proper oral hygiene, however.

Composite resin – Composite resin fillings are more like plastic fillings. They are also used when you want fillings that will easily blend in with the color of your teeth. They are the cheapest option. They are quite susceptible to staining, and they tend to start wearing out after a while.

Silver – Silver fillings are generally strong and are not too expensive. They are quite dark in color, though and they will be visible on your teeth. They are mainly used on the back teeth. Silver fillings are preferred over composite resin fillings because they are durable and quite effective ins strengthening the tooth.

During the filling procedure, our dentist removes the decay and cleans the tooth. If the decay was not deep or severe, the filling would be done on the same day in severe cases of tooth decay where the pulp and the tooth root have been affected. Root canal or root scaling procedures will be carried out first. You’ll have to wait to heal from these procedures before the fillings are put into the cavity. Also, the tooth might require a cap, dental crown, or CEREC Crowns after the filling if the cavity was too big.

Call Perrinville Family Dentistry at (425) 616-0620 and ask any questions that you might have about tooth fillings. It is one of the procedures that we use to restore smiles on the faces of our clients. We want to see you with a healthy smile today!

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Dental Fillings Edmonds, WA - Perrinville Family Dentistry
Here at Perrinville Family Dentistry we conduct dental filling procedures that leave the teeth strong and functioning properly. Call us to treat and prevent tooth decay!
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